Song of the Day for January 18 – 24, 2021



Wednesday Inauguration Day: I had a long explanation about this selection, which I also sent out last October, but I’ll let the music speak for itself. God bless America, land that I love.

Thursday Shostakovich, The Nose. (The Royal Opera) (3:30)

Friday PS22 – We Shall Overcome (1:50) (Jan 8, 2021)

PS22 – Fall on Me (6:00)

I thought sooner or later
The lights up above
Will come down in circles and guide me to love
But I don’t know what’s right for me
I cannot see straight
I’ve been here too long and I don’t want to wait for it
Fly like a cannonball, straight to my soul
Tear me to pieces
And make me feel whole
I’m willing to fight for it and carry this weight
But with every step
I keep questioning what it’s true

Fall on me
With open arms
Fall on me
From where you are
Fall on me
With all your light
With all your light
With all your light

Presto una luce ti illuminerà
Seguila sempre, guidarti saprà
Tu non arrenderti, attento a non perderti
E il tuo passato avrà senso per te
Vorrei che credessi in te stesso, ma sì
In ogni passo che muoverai qui
È un viaggio infinito
Sorriderò se
Nel tempo… 

Saturday January is getting to me. Here’s my antidote.

My First, My Last, My Everything – Barry White (4:33)

This is a Man’s World – Luciano Pavarotti and James Brown (4:28) I had no idea that this moment existed.

Barcelona – Freddy Mercury and Monserrat Caballé – (5:54)  Same for this one.

Sunday More kitchens, more dancing.

Down at the Twist and Shout – Mary Chapin Carpenter (3:25)

The Devil Went Down to Georgia – The Charlie Daniels Band (5:01)