Song of the Day for April 26 – May 2, 2021

Monday Good Morning, Good Morning – The Beatles (2:41)

Tuesday Apparently I took the day off!

Wednesday The other day one of my singing idols passed away. Mezzo-soprano Christa Ludwig was one of the truly great singers of the 20th century. She started performing just after WWII, and retired in 1994. Here she is singing a selection from Richard Wagner’s five Wesendonk Lieder, Träume (Dreams). (4:56) It’s a song cycle, but since it’s Wagner, he wrote it with a huge orchestra. 

Träume – Mathilde Wesendonck  
Sag, welch wunderbare Träume
Halten meinen Sinn umfangen,
Daß sie nicht wie leere
Schäume Sind in ödes Nichts vergangen?  
Träume, die in jeder Stunde,
Jedem Tage schöner blühn,
Und mit ihrer Himmelskunde
Selig durchs Gemüte ziehn!  
Träume, die wie hehre
Strahlen In die Seele sich versenken,
Dort ein ewig Bild zu malen:
Allvergessen, Eingedenken!  
Träume, wie wenn Frühlingssonne
Aus dem Schnee die Blüten küßt,
Daß zu nie geahnter
Wonne Sie der neue Tag begrüßt,  
Daß sie wachsen, daß sie blühen,
Träumend spenden ihren Duft,
Sanft an deiner Brust verglühen,
Und dann sinken in die Gruft.
Say, what wondrous dreams are these
Embracing all my senses,
That they have not, like bubbles,
Vanished to a barren void?  
Dreams, that with every hour
Bloom more lovely every day,
And with their heavenly tidings
Float blissfully through the mind!  
Dreams, that with glorious rays
Penetrate the soul,
There to paint an eternal picture:
Forgetting all, remembering one!  
Dreams, as when the Spring sun
Kisses blossoms from the snow,
So the new day might welcome them
In unimagined bliss,  
So that they grow and flower,
Bestow their scent as in a dream,
Fade softly away on your breast
And sink into their grave.  
English Translation © Richard Stokes

Thursday Rock Me Baby – Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, BB King, Jimmie Vaughan (7:03)

Friday Put It In Your Heart – Bruce Cockburn (5:27)

Saturday A Night in Tunisia (5:30) by Pacific Mambo

Sunday Oh Happy Day A classic rendition from 1968, Edwin Hawkins & The Northern California State Youth Choir show us how it’s done (5:14)