Song of the Day for May 10 – 16, 2021

Monday Here’s Monday’s very late Song of the Day, Joan Sutherland and Marilyn Horne, two great, great, singers singing a duet (Mira, O Norma) from Bellini’s opera, Norma. The characters are the Druid priestess Norma and her acolyte, Adalgisa. They love the same man, who has two children with Norma, secret children, because she’s a priestess, but it turns out he’s a lying cheater, so they bond and stay friends. It doesn’t end well for Norma, or the guy. That’s opera, folks.

Mira, o Norma… Sì, fino all’ore estreme… [Adalgisa:] Mira, o Norma: ai tuoi ginocchi Questi cari tuoi pargoletti! Ah! Pietade di lor ti tocchi, Se non hai di te pietà!   [Norma:] Ah! Perché, perché la mia costanza Vuoi scemar con molli affetti? Più lusinghe, ah, più speranza Presso a morte un cor non ha!   [Adalgisa:] Mira questi cari pargoletti, Questi cari, ah… Li vedi, ah!   [Norma:] Ah! Perchè, ah! Perchè la vuoi scemar?   [Adalgisa e Norma:] Mira, o Norma, a’ tuoi ginocchi, (Ah! Perché, perché la mia costanza) questi cari tuoi pargoletti, (Vuoi scemar con molli affetti?) Ah! Pietade di lor ti tocchi, (Più lusinghe, ah, più speranza) Se non hai di te pieta! (Presso a morte un cor non ha!)   [Adalgisa:] Cedi! Deh, cedi!   [Norma:] Ah! Lasciami! Ei t’ama.   [Adalgisa:] Ei già sen pente.   [Norma:] E tu?   [Adalgisa:] L’amai. Quest’anima Sol l’amistade or sente.   [Norma:] O giovinetta! E vuoi?   [Adalgisa:] Renderti i dritti tuoi, O teco al cielo agli uomini Giuro celarmi ognor.   [Norma:] Sì. Hai vinto. Abbracciami! Trovo un’amica, amor…   [Norma ed Adalgisa:] Sì, fino all’ore estreme Compagna tua m’avrai. Per ricovrarci insieme Ampia è la terra assai.   Teco, del fato all’onte (Teco, del fato all’onte) Ferma opporrò la fronte, (Ferma opporrò la fronte) Finchè il tuo core (Finchè il tuo core) a battere (a battere) Io senta sul mio cor (Io senta sul mio cor)   Battere lo senta sul mio cuor, sì! https://lyricstranslate.comLook, oh Norma… Yes, Until the Final Hours… [Adalgisa:] Look, oh Norma: at your knees There are these, your beloved children! Ah! May pity for them touch your heart, If you don’t have pity for yourself!   [Norma:] Ah! Why, why do you want to weaken My resolve, with tender affection? Kind illusions, ah, any hope Can’t be had by a heart that is almost dead!   [Adalgisa:] Look at these beloved children, These darling ones, ah… See them, ah!   [Norma:] Ah! Why, ah! Why do you want to weaken it?   [Adalgisa and Norma:] Look, oh Norma: at your knees (Ah! Why, why do you want to weaken) There are these, your beloved children! (My resolve, with tender affection?) Ah! May pity for them touch your heart, (Kind illusions, ah, any hope) If you don’t have pity for yourself! (Can’t be had by a heart that is almost dead!)   [Adalgisa] Give up! Oh, give up!   [Norma:] Ah! Let me be! He loves you…   [Adalgisa:] He’s regretting it already…   [Norma:] And you?   [Adalgisa:] I loved him. This soul Only feels friendship, now.   [Norma:] Oh, young girl! And what do you want…?   [Adalgisa:] To give you back your rights, Or with you, from both Heaven and men, I swear that I’ll hide forever more.   [Norma:] Yes. You’ve won. Hold me! I find a friend, love…   [Norma and Adalgisa;] Yes, until the final hours You’ll have me as your companion! To shelter the both of us The earth is wide enough…   With you, before the trials of fate, (With you, before the trials of fate) Steadfast, I will hold my head high, (Steadfast, I will hold my head high) As long as I feel (As long as I feel) Your heart beating (Your heart beating) Over my own heart (Over my own heart)   Beating over my own heart, yes!

Tuesday Patty Larkin came to play for a class when I was in school in Boston. I hadn’t heard of her, but I’ve kept track of her ever since. A fantastic guitar player and singer/songwriter. Banish Misfortune/Who Holds Your Hand  (5:33)

Wednesday Sweet and simple. Salut d’Amour – Edward Elgar – Clarinet: Weixiong Wang, Piano: OuyangShimin  (3:07)

Thursday Wichita Lineman – Cassandra Wilson (5:48)

Friday Pink Martini is a band that is a lot of fun, especially if you can see them live.  Here’s a couple of selections from a concert from 2005.

Pink Martini – Kikuchiyo to mohshimasu | Live from Portland – 2005  (5:26)

Her name was Kikuchiyo
Across the nape of her porcelain neck
The blue light of the nightclub swayed
I held her as we danced
I felt her gentle shoulders
Tremble Why this sadness... why this sadness?
I wish it could have gone on forever
The two of us passing time in Akasaka
In a hotel on that misty night
We spent the night in passion
And then
The blush of her tender cheeks
Turned to tears... lonely tears
Her name was Kikuchiyo
She told me to forget everything
And after our only night together
She vanished Leaving only her scent
Which lingered softly
n the fog... in the fog
 Her name was Kikuchiyo

 ¿Donde estas, Yolanda? | Live from Portland – 2005  (4:14) 
 Where are you, Yolanda?
 What happened, Yolanda? 
 I’ve looked for you, Yolanda
 And you're not here, Yolanda 
 Your eyes gazed at mine
 Your lips kissed mine
 With desire and passion 
 The passion of a woman
 The sparkle in your eye
 The fire of your lips
 Conquered my heart
 And I fell in love with you
 They tell me you were cruising around 
 In your new car Yolanda
 Looking very pretty and proud
 And all the men whistled at you
 If someday I find you
 I won’t know what will happen
 I think I will go crazy
 If I never see you again.

Saturday Jed Clampett and George Bailey dancing away! Buddy Ebsen, Eleanor Powell, James Stewart, Una Merkel, and Sid Silvers in Born to Dance – (3:39)

Sunday I sang these a long time ago and this morning the first song bubbled up from memory, I suppose because the words Here comes Spring again, the amorous and beautiful season… Here is Spring Song, one of the French Choruses from The Lark, by Leonard Bernstein, who wrote incidental music for the play, which is based on the trial and execution of Joan of Arc.  They’re all short and beautiful, so you can listen to the whole set in about 20 minutes.

Performed by Harry Christophers The Sixteen. Here are the links, but if you start at the first, Youtube will just run through the set. (The first three are really fun.)

  1. Spring Song
  2. Court Song
  3. Soldier’s Song
  4. Prelude
  5. Benedictus
  6. Sanctus
  7. Requiem
  8. Gloria